The Bull in a China Shop – A Story of Acceptance

The visual image that comes to mind when you think of a bull in a China shop well depicts clashes that occur because of personality. The poor old bull gets a bad rap for just being who it is. The problem is not the bull nor is it the China shop. It’s the combination that causes […]

Proper labeling – an intelligent move

Extremist! Fringe! Bigot! And the list goes on. In the world of social media, the dominant characteristic is how people label those they despise. The problem though, is not labeling, but bad labeling. There are those who intentionally do this to start a fire. But the fact that labeling can start a fire reveals the […]

Emotional Intelligence – Needs a Measure?

According to  “emotional intelligence refers to the ability to identify and regulate our own emotions, to recognize the emotions of other people and feel empathy toward them, and to use these abilities to communicate effectively and build healthy, productive relationships with others.” How do you begin to develop emotional intelligence? To try walking down […]