A Simple – THANK YOU – Will Do Just Fine

To be a team player is a socially desirable quality. You probably wouldn’t get far in your job interview if you declared you can’t work in a team.

However, despite our ability or our efforts to be team players many of us have an underlying need to know, what is in it for me. The Birkman Method, Incentives score reveals the real you and how important your part of any equation is.

The higher your Needs score is, the greater need you have to measure your achievements with some form of recognition. Most of us realize we won’t get big pay increases every time we do a good job. So, what will satisfy our need for recognition? What can measure our success?

A simple Thank You may do just fine. A thank you conveys appreciation for something we have done. Every cook loves to hear their food tastes great, or that the presentation of a meal was beautiful. This is true in most scenarios, recognition, commendation, or a little gift of appreciation has power. Don’t underestimate how far a Thank You will go to make someone happy, meeting their Incentive needs. If you can’t offer more, at least convey a genuine thank you whenever appropriate.

What if there’s no one around to give even a, Thank You? There are other ways to meet our Incentive needs. More on that another time.

Find out what your Incentives needs are by taking the Birkman assessment.

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