Introverts Ignored – Hidden Tigers

Why ignoring introverts can be dangerous.

You may have observed that extroverted people get noticed a lot. By nature, they process things externally, so it is only natural that they are more visible. Their ideas, opinions, and feelings are usually evident through their actions and communications. If they are upset about something, this too is expressed outwardly. Like it or not, at least you will know what you’re dealing with.

So, what’s up with the introverted person? Well as the word indicates they process things internally. Therefore, if something is upsetting them it may not be so obvious. But it is important to know that their issues can be brewing quietly inside. It is here where the hidden tiger begins to come alive. It is easy to assume that they are just in a mood and think that they’ll get over it.
However, there is a risk in this approach.

Just as a hidden tiger will eventually emerge into the open, so too the introverted person’s issues will emerge. And they may come out in surprisingly disruptive ways. Distrust, non-cooperation, unreasonableness, withdrawing support are just some of the behaviors that may surface. These can greatly impact relationships and business performance.

The lesson here is, never ignore the introverted person just because they’re not in your face. Learn what’s going on inside and work with them, they need personalized attention. If we meet the needs of the extroverted and introverted persons, there is no need to experience the tiger-like stress behaviors of either type.

What are the introvert’s needs? How can they be met?

Managers need to know this. You can learn your own needs and the needs of those close to you by taking the Birkman assessment.

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