Strong Men Lifting Heavy Weights – What Do We Learn?

Strong men lifting heavy things is not a revelation, is it? It’s to be expected they can do this. Any criticism they may have of the weaker majority tickles only their ego; it doesn’t impress the rest of us.

If we happen to excel in one area, is it a reason to boast? Sadly, some people talk down to or disparage those whom they see as deficient in areas where they are strong.

One thing learned when taking The Birkman Method personality assessment is that you didn’t select your personality. To claim we are self-made persons doesn’t apply when it comes to our personalities. Yes, we do learn to manage ourselves and interact with the world around us. For the effort we put into developing emotional intelligence, we can take credit, but not for our personality.
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If we happen to be an action man or the dynamic salesperson of the year, we’d be wiser to modestly thank the gift given us at conception rather than to take all the credit ourselves.

So, what is the lesson here? Since it is expected that strong men can lift heavy weights, they aren’t due special credit for doing what they are good at. Similarly, when we excel in an area that we are naturally strong in, we too should not expect undue credit either.

Be grateful for the personality we inherited, while not looking down on others who are different. When given the right opportunity we all can excel in our different ways.

Learn the beauty of your personality by taking a Birkman assessment.

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