What does hoozyu do for you, personally?

What hoozyu does for you, is to teach you to explain yourself. If that’s a surprising idea, it is probably because most adults can’t really explain themselves either. If you can explain yourself – who you are, what matters to you, and what fuels your passion and engagement – then you have the edge in planning how you are going to invest your life and energy.

At the heart of hoozyu is an in-depth assessment of your unique interests, usual behaviour, needs and stress reactions — the hoozyu report, an interactive online app. To get yours, you will need to obtain a hoozyu account and then complete the online questionnaire (provided by leading assessment company, Birkman International).

hoozyu is a programme designed to help teens and young adults to explain themselves, so that they can open the right doors on their way into adult life and the workplace.

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