Birkman Signature Report

The Birkman Signature report is the foundation tool for beginning your journey to full self-awareness. Using simple graphics and scales of measurement you can easily grasp what makes you unique as a person. 

The deep self-insight you will gain will also greatly improve your understanding of other people and the differences that exist among all humans.

A breakdown of your personality into proper components will reveal exactly where your successes and challenges come from. If you wish to make adjustments in how you interact with others, you will know where to focus your energy.

With such a deep subject matter it is strongly recommended that after purchasing this product you complete a 2-hour review of your assessment. This will be conducted by a certified Birkman professional.

Our product includes:

  • A Birkman online questionnaire
  • A digital copy of the Birkman Signature report
  • 120-minute review with certified Birkman professional


We have yet to meet anyone who regrets completing a Birkman assessment. Please read the testimonials on our website to see what our clients say.

This assessment is available for people 16 years of age and older.

sample Birkman Signature report

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