Introverts Ignored – Hidden Tigers

Why ignoring introverts can be dangerous. You may have observed that extroverted people get noticed a lot. By nature, they process things externally, so it is only natural that they are more visible. Their ideas, opinions, and feelings are usually evident through their actions and communications. If they are upset about something, this too is […]

Strong Men Lifting Heavy Weights – What Do We Learn?

Strong men lifting heavy things is not a revelation, is it? It’s to be expected they can do this. Any criticism they may have of the weaker majority tickles only their ego; it doesn’t impress the rest of us. If we happen to excel in one area, is it a reason to boast? Sadly, some […]

YOUR POINT OF FOCUS – A Root of Many Problems

It’s crunch time, your team is under pressure. Some are struggling. What do you do, double down on the work? The theory – finish the work then you can properly help the team recover. Or do you take care of the team’s needs first? The theory – care for the people and the work will […]

A Simple – THANK YOU – Will Do Just Fine

To be a team player is a socially desirable quality. You probably wouldn’t get far in your job interview if you declared you can’t work in a team. However, despite our ability or our efforts to be team players many of us have an underlying need to know, what is in it for me. The Birkman Method, […]

The Bull in a China Shop – A Story of Acceptance

The visual image that comes to mind when you think of a bull in a China shop well depicts clashes that occur because of personality. The poor old bull gets a bad rap for just being who it is. The problem is not the bull nor is it the China shop. It’s the combination that causes […]