Managers bringing this kind of message may face an uphill battle to maintain team morale in the upcoming year. Incentives are the fuel that keeps people motivated.

There are few things we do in life without a specific incentive, whether it is attaining a slimmer body resulting from diet and exercise or the yearend bonus that materializes our shopping wishes.

What motivates and incentives people is complex and by no means just simply about pay raises and promotions.

Deloitee in their article ‘Unlocking the Secrets of Employee Engagement found that “high-technology companies …. often throw benefits at employees to see which one’s stick—unlimited vacation, free food, health clubs, parties, stock options, and fun offices are common. Do these all result in high engagement?”

Good question. Their finding,

………………….. “Most companies can’t really tell.”

Throwing money at people may be welcomed by the recipient but it isn’t the best or only solution to motivation. It is of greater value to understand what really makes your team tick.

The Birkman Method analyses incentives as a component of human personality. Their analysis reveals what forces are driving one as an individual. Those forces can vary greatly within any group of people. Having a customized approach to motivating individuals may be a cheaper option and far more useful than traditional methods.

Here are a few examples of what the Birkman assessment reveals about what different people prefer:

  • exceptions to the normal remuneration plan
  • detached acknowledgment of success, not emotional accolades
  • respond well when their successes are made publicly known
  • to be told how their contributions are important to others

Maybe this is all it will take to keep some of your team motivated. Understanding your people and having meaningful discussions around incentives will make a big difference.

Let The Birkman Method reveal what motivates your team.

Unlocking the Secrets of Employee Engagement | Deloitte US

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