Managers bringing this kind of message may face an uphill battle to maintain team morale in the upcoming year. Incentives are the fuel that keeps people motivated. There are few things we do in life without a specific incentive, whether it is attaining a slimmer body resulting from diet and exercise or the yearend bonus […]

Why some people seem more frustrated over COVID than others

Have you noticed that some people seem more stressed than others when it comes to how the whole COVID situation has been managed? What has Birkman got to do with this? While avoiding judging any one situation it is interesting that the Birkman assessment includes one component that may have a large impact on how […]

My Hot and Cold Friend

There were days when we seemed the best of buddies. Our great day together gave promise of more to come. However, the day that followed shattered that dream. How could it be that one day we enjoyed warm friendship and then the next day a definite cooler, distant relationship? This was long before I became […]

Can’t Concentrate! – Does that mean I am Sick?

Do you struggle with focus and concentration? Are you sick? Well, that’s not something I am qualified to comment on nor will I. However, before you fear the worst consider the Birkman Restlessness score. According to quote “The hallmark condition associated with difficulty concentrating is attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)” Throughout my life I could seem that […]

Can Your Thought Score limit enlightenment?

Just this past week I was engaged by a friend in debating a certain topic. My friend’s position was the same as what he watched on his favorite media channel. For me though there was more to the story. Our discussion went down the line of what does the science say regarding the matter. I […]