Why some people seem more frustrated over COVID than others

Have you noticed that some people seem more stressed than others when it comes to how the whole COVID situation has been managed? What has Birkman got to do with this?

While avoiding judging any one situation it is interesting that the Birkman assessment includes one component that may have a large impact on how some people feel about how this pandemic is being handled.

Consider the Birkman – Assertiveness component. When addressing one’s Need score the scale reveals those with a Low score are persons preferring a non-directive, democratic environment. Whereas those with a High score are persons who need to know who is in charge.

Those with a high Needs score can easily begin to display stress behaviors when those in authority fail to handle that authority well. Some will find themselves making provocative statements, we see plenty of that. Others will begin airing opinions too freely, and there are plenty of those in the news and social media. Here’s one that is irritating those pushing mass vaccination, some will begin ignoring weak superiors.

We are probably all in some state of stress due to the current situation. However, before we start thinking everyone’s gone mad it might be worthwhile considering whether many are living in Stress Behavior because of how things are being managed. Simply increasing authoritative pressure will not satisfy their needs.

What is your Assertiveness score?

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