My Hot and Cold Friend

There were days when we seemed the best of buddies. Our great day together gave promise of more to come. However, the day that followed shattered that dream. How could it be that one day we enjoyed warm friendship and then the next day a definite cooler, distant relationship?

This was long before I became a Birkman Professional. Since then, I have come to understand my friend. The Birkman Social Energy score reveals in part an individual’s preference for group and team participation. He had a Social Energy – Needs score of 1. When his social energy was used up, he needed to recharge and that was best done alone or with one or two close persons. Don’t get me wrong, we were and still are good friends. But this didn’t mean he could reenergize whenever I needed him to be social.

Understanding one’s social energy and the needs related to it, can greatly help in avoiding misunderstandings. What appears to be a cooling of a relationship may be no more than the person going into recharge mode. Understand that and you keep a friend.

What is your Social Energy score?

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