What is your sticky wheel?


The passions and interests we have in life exert more power over us than we often realize. Just as a shopping cart with a sticky wheel constantly pulls you in one direction, so to your passions influence your life direction. Our interests have a real-life impact, both for and possibly against us.

An example in point was a client of mine. He was a personnel manager; however, he had a strong interest in working with his hands especially in outdoor environments. You would often find him on the ground level working along with those he was managing, or he was being creative crafting solutions for their work issues. Nice, but not the job he was hired to do. He was doing his job, but his effectiveness was weakened by where his interests were leading him. Those interests irresistibly pulled him towards what he loved to do, and he didn’t realize it.

The sticky wheel of our passions and interests pulls us in that direction no matter what job we are hired to do. It will always be a lot easier to go with our passion than to have to suppress it. Knowing which way we are being pulled is important. If you can’t work your preferred field at least you can manage the magnetic pull of your interests.

The Birkman Method Organizational Focus report reveals our sticky wheel, as it were. Birkman shows how our temperament and interests come together to create that powerful force in our lives.

It is well worth taking the Birkman assessment to understand how your interests are impacting your life and career.

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